Highmark utilizes compressed dry-air cylinders than can be filled and refilled for multiple uses. These cylinders can be refilled using SCUBA tanks with a "SCUBA to Paintball" Connector. to refill them to 3000psi.  Refills can be done at Paintball Shops, SCUBA shops and Highmark/Mammut dealerships.

Each cylinder is sold with three additional burst discs to facilitate refilling the canister. Every time a cylinder is refilled, the burst disc will need to be replaced.

A list of dealerships that act as refill stations can be found here, or by locating your nearest SCUBA or Paintball shop.

Video Instructions on how to refill the cylinder can be found here.


My gauge goes up and down slightly – what’s up with that?

The air pressure in your cylinder will fluctuate with temperature and altitude. When your cylinder is first filled, it will be quite warm and the pressure will be higher – the gauge may read in the red. As the cylinder cools, you’ll see it go down. You may also notice slight fluctuations as you change altitude.

What’s an acceptable range for the gauge to be at?

Anywhere in the three stripes is fine. If it’s slightly below or in the snowflake zone, you may need a top-up of air. This is likely because the cylinder wasn’t allowed to cool enough when filling it. If you suspect that your cylinder is leaking (uncommon), place the head of the cylinder in a bowl of water and see if any bubble emerge to confirm. If none do, you likely just need a top-up of air.

I have a Snowpulse Cylinder that looks different than the videos and photos here – how do I get it refilled?

You likely have a “1.0” Cylinder, which was discontinued several years ago. This technology isn’t owned by Highmark by Snowpulse/Mammut and we’re unable to offer service or refill on it. This product is at the end of its lifespan and we recommend upgrading it.

How long does it take to refill a cylinder?

About 20 minutes, to ensure that it’s cooled to room temperature and filled to specs.